STU Repülés-technológiai
Felületkezelő Kft.

A state-owned company specializing in surface treatment that meets high technical requirements


STU Repülés-technológiai Felületkezelő Kft.


STU Repülő-technologológiai Felületkezelő Kft. was established at the end of 2019, primarily for the purpose of providing surface treatment services to the newly established joint venture of the Hungarian State and AIRBUS Helicopters (AIRBUS Helicopters Hungary Kft. - AHH) in compliance with the agreements between the Hungarian State and Airbus Helicopters and other industrial companies in the region.

In 2020-21, preparations for subsequent activities and operations are in progress. STU is scheduled to start manufacturing in Q22 / Q3 2022. Until that time, the design and construction of the building, as well as the design of the processes and technical equipments, and their installation, testing and qualification before the start of production, run in parallel according to the necessary contracts. After that series production begins.

The plant is planned to be built in Gyula in the immediate neighborhood of the AHH, thus ensuring smooth cooperation.

Currently, for STU, AHH's expected orders are the basis for utilization with the surface treatment and painting needs of helicopter parts, however, negotiations are already in progress with several potential partners to sell existing capacities and to commit expandable capacities.

STU Kft. primarily plans to provide long-term surface treatment services for industrial companies looking for high value-added, special or complex surface treatment solutions, primarily galvanizing and painting. As a result, high-quality and partly automated and integrated machines have been designed that will be exploited by complex and high value-added processes. In these industries, the fault tolerance for finished products is low and the expected quality is high.

STU plans to obtain several certifications, including those for the aerospace industry:

ISO 9001, 14001, NADCAP / EN / AS / JISQ9100, IPPC on long term, the relevant legislation required for the operation of a factory building at all times, special REACH regulation on surface treatment.

The company's long-term strategy is to become a multi-customer surface treatment plant with the highest possible profitability, well-functioning, high capacity utilization and quality standards. With this, in Hungary, it can develop into a dominant surface treatment market player in the region, supplying complex industries (eg.: aerospace, defense industry, automotive industry).

In the short term, this will require the plant to be built as planned. From a strategic point of view, it is critically crucial to cost-effectively build up the capacities that meet the technology requirements of the customer(s) on time, and to design and assign efficient production processes accordingly. In the framework of optimizing investment costs, STU Kft. strives to procure the necessary and sufficient technical content.

Teljeskörű felületkezelés


The STU plant is designed for the surface treatment of aeronautical components that require high technical requirements.

The 4 000m² production plant provides an opportunity to install various lines and equipment. We are also prepared for individual, small series and mass production.

From a technological point of view, we can divide the activity of the plant into two main areas.

Electroplating and surface treatment lines

The following technologies will be installed on the galvanizing and surface treatment dipping lines:

All dip lines will operate in an automatic system. Only parts are suspended and removed manually.

On the dipping lines, parts made of aluminum and its alloys, low-alloy steel, austenitic, martensitic, ferritic steel alloys, copper, titanium, magnesium raw materials can be treated as both mass and suspended goods.

There will be free areas in the plant, and in case of new needs, it will be possible to install other technologies and lines.

The treatment of wastewater generated during the processes requires automatic, computer-controlled, manual intervention only for sludge treatment, maintenance and chemical filling.

Painting section

Technologies available for optimal pretreatment of coatings:

In the painting part, various organic coatings (solvent, dispersion), temporary corrosion protection materials, anti-corrosion primer (wash-primer, epoxy-based) and topcoats (polyurethane, acrylic), plastic coatings, friction-reducing layers can be applied according to customer requirements. It will also be possible to make coatings with high aesthetic demands. In order to achieve a high adhesion strength of organic coatings, it is recommended to apply a conversion layer fitted to the base material. This operation takes place on the dipping line.

Two combined paint - dryer (up to 80 ° C) cabins will be available for applying and drying the coatings. For special curing and crosslinking needs (up to 340 ° C), two electrically heated kilns will also be installed.

Planned technologies for later relocation: Zinc plating, Zinc flaking, Tinning, Tanning.

Activated carbon filters ensure that solvent vapors generated during painting operations are prevented from entering the environment.

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STU Repülés-technológiai Felületkezelő Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

Surface treatment plant: 5700 Gyula, Asbóth Oszkár utca 4.

VAT number: 27282568-2-51

Office Manager: dr. Mihályi Erzsébet

Coordinates (DD):
46.640999, 21.248963


STU Repülés-technológiai Felületkezelő Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság 

A köztulajdonban álló gazdasági társaságok takarékosabb működéséről szóló 2009. évi CXXII. törvény és a köztulajdonban álló gazdasági társaságok belső kontrollrendszeréről szóló 339/2019. (XII. 23.) Korm. rendelet, valamint a panaszokról és a közérdekű bejelentésekről szóló 2013. évi CLXV. törvény előírásai alapján a megfeleléssel, integritással kapcsolatos bejelentéseket a bejelentovonal.stu@etk-rt.hu email címen lehet megtenni, amelyet a független tanácsadó anonimizálva kezel.


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STU Repülés-technológiai Felületkezelő Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság 

Az információs önrendelkezési jogról és az információszabadságról szóló 2011. évi CXII. törvény 26-31. §-ai alapján az STU Repülés-technológiai Felületkezelő Kft. kezelésében lévő közérdekű adatok megismerése iránt bárki igényt nyújthat be az office@stu.co.hu e-mail címen.

Adatvédelmi felelős:
dr. Mihályi Erzsébet

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STU Repülés-technológiai Felületkezelő Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság 

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STU Repülés-technológiai Felületkezelő Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság 

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STU Repülés-technológiai Felületkezelő Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság 

Székhely: 5700 Gyula, Asbóth Oszkár utca 4.

Cégjegyzékszám: Cg.04-09-016065

Adószám: 27282568-2-51

Bejegyezve: 2019.12.19.

Cég főtevékenysége: Saját tulajdonú, bérelt ingatlan bérbeadása, üzemeltetése.

Számlavezető bank:
UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.

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